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Hardware Changes at Inline

Inline has recently changed its casement hardware along with its patio doors. Due to increase demand for larger casement sizes and performance, Inline has changed over to Truth’s 2 bar hinge.

Inline has also introduced new patio door handles in its 5 standard colours along with 3 Euro style handles. The new handles are sleek and contemporary that not only improve the aesthetics but adds an additional locking mechanism to prevent forced entry. Please click here for more information.

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Inline remains Top of the Class

For the fourth consecutive year, Inline Fiberglass Ltd is proud to announce that it has once again made Window and Doors Magazine Top 100 Manufacturers List. Again, Inline remained the only all fiberglass manufacturer to make this exclusive list of manufacturers. This prestigious designation is awarded to only the biggest and best manufacturers of fenestration products.


Inline Featured in DWM Magazine

In the latest release of Door and Window Magazine(DWM), Inline is featured in an in depth article. This article gives readers a sense of who we are, what we do and where we are heading. The article can be found on page 33 & 34. If you are looking for a real insight of Inline, please click here:


Inline Premieres at Fensterbau

For the first time, Inline Fiberglass will be displaying at Fensterbau. Fensterbau which is held in Nuremberg Germany March 26-29, 2014 is the largest window and door show in Europe. Held every second year, it is consider the most important show for new releases, products and hardware. In conjunction with two of its partners, Inline will be displaying a variety of different products.

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Inline Fiberglass Wins DWM Magazine Green Award

Toronto—Door and Window Market Magazine (DWM), the leading trade publication serving the door and window industry, announced that Inline Fiberglass has been named one of its 2013 Green Award Winners. Inline will be profiled in the magazine’s October issue.

The company was chosen by the magazine’s editors for committing to produce highly efficient Energy Star fiberglass windows.

“DWM’s green awards recognize a few select companies who truly embrace energy-efficient principles and practices,” says DWM editor and publisher Tara Taffera. “Inline Fiberglass is more than deserving of this award and we applaud them for educating the industry on energy efficient windows.”

Door and Window Market magazine serves manufacturers and dealers and distributors of door and window products. It is the only industry publication that is audited by BPA Worldwide and as a circulation of more than 35,000 subscribers.


LEED Platinum Project in Maine

Built for the beauty, a rugged environment and cost effectiveness Inline triple pane R5 windows were selected for a project in Maine. This project was Certified LEED Platinum and is 30% more airtight than Passive House. This article can also be found in Spring/Summer 2013 edition of Fine Homebuilding.

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Builders Complete "Canada’s Greenest Home"

A sustainable building school in Peterborough, Ontario has completed work on a 2,400-sq. ft. net-zero energy house it's calling “Canada's Greenest Home”. Students at the Endeavour Centre in Ontario have completed work on what their instructor calls "Canada's Greenest Home".
Builders are seeking certification under two green-rating programs, LEED for Homes and the Living Building Challenge
Due to the strict criteria that had to be met, Inline Fiberglass triple glass windows were selected . They have a U-factor of 0.17, the equivalent of R-6.
Canada’s Greenest Home
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Inline Tops ENERGY STAR Canada

With nearly 1,000,000 ENERGY STAR qualified windows, Inline Fiberglass is proud to announce that its window has achieve the top spot. Our window has achieved the highest Energy Rating(ER) in Canada. Inline also has 5 out of the Top 10 ER rated window products. In virtually every window category Inline's product has achieved the number one spot regardless of frame material.
In an Apples to Apples comparison versus other fiberglass windows, Inline overwhelmingly dominates the top positions and in some categories holds 95% of the top 20 ER products.
We at Inline are very proud of this accomplishment and will continue set the standard for the highest Energy Efficient windows in Canada and the world.

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Inline Is Tops Again

For the third consecutive year, Inline Fiberglass Ltd has achieved the status of one of the Top 100 Window Manufacturers. This award is even more extraordinary as Inline is again the only all fiberglass window manufacturer to make this prestigious list. This achievement is a result of our commitment in providing the highest standard of quality and the endless pursuit to provide the best engineered fiberglass windows.


Inline is proud to be awarded with the windowcontract for the prestigious
Brock University – Marilyn I Walker School of Performing Arts

Inline will be working again for the third time with Bird Construction where we last provided our products for the award winning 60 Richmond St. building in downtown Toronto. The Brock University Project in St. Catharines is designed by Diamond & Schmidt Architects who Inline manufactured and installed windows for the state of the art environmental and energy efficient showcase building Evergreen Brix-Works project. We are very excited to be working with the best Architects and Constructors in Canada and for the honour of being chosen to provide our product for such a famous institute as Brock University.


Inline attending IBS

Inline will be again displaying at the International Builder Show. Inline will continue to provide its expertise along with its window products on display. This year will also be displaying a new exterior cladding system Therma Clad & developed by and for our partners at Vireo Corp. The Therma-Clad™ is a revolutionary high-performance fiberglass facade system. It not only provides superior R-Value enhancement to exterior wall enclosures, it also provides unmatched water penetration resistance, structural performance, and ultra durable surface coat finishes. Visit us at booth N1162 for more information.


Inline Fiberglass Makes the Grade

Striving to set a standard of excellence for new and replacement window in the fenestration industry is no easy task. Of the more than 10,000 window and door manufacturers, fabricators and assemblers in North America, Inline Fiberglass has been recognized as a “Top 100 Manufacturer” by Window & Door magazine. What makes this achievement astonishing is the fact that Inline Fiberglass is the only “All Fiberglass” manufacturer to make the list. This is due to our dedication and focus in making the best fiberglass windows on the planet.


Inline Fiberglass Gives Back to the Community
Children's Kitchen Project – High Park, City of Toronto

Inline is very proud to have contributed to such a good cause and hopefully more worthwhile opportunities will present themselves for Inline's involvement. Inline's donation to the City of Toronto for this project will serve our community well into the future.
The building when completed with be another showcase location "straw bale construction" in the heart of the city and open to the public.
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Building Information


Inline's New Eternity is Tops

According to Energy Star Canada, Inline's new Double Hung window is the highest rated in Canada. It outperformed all other Double Windows from every category including wood, aluminum, and PVC not to mention fiberglass. Not only did it out surpass the competition but took the Top 9 highest ratings and the best 12 of 13 spots.
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Inline Launches the Eternity

Inline is proud to announce the launch of their newest product. The Eternity Double Hung combines the best of both worlds; beauty and performance. Never before has a fiberglass window looked so good and performed so well. The Eternity was able to achieve a U value of a 0.16 along with an Air Infiltration of .07 CFM. Using our Synergy ™ glass, consumers can maximize the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient not found in traditional double hung windows. The Eternity was designed with classic style and traditional elegance. A sloped sill, recessed hardware and thinner sightlines allows for a unobstructed view with a maximum glass area. It also comes in a real interior oak veneer and the large variety of options that are available with all Inline products.
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Inline On The Marylin Denis Show

Inline Fiberglass was recently featured on the Marilyn Denis Show. Marilyn and her Eco specialist Candice Bastista discuss the benefits of fiberglass windows along with heat mirror.


Inline Exhibiting at Greenbuild

From October 4-7, 2011 Greenbuild will be hosted in Toronto. We invite all attendees to visit us at booth 6706. Inline will also be arranging a shuttle from the Convention Center to its headquarters for an Open House. This opportunity enables attendees to learn firsthand about Inline and how they are able to fabricate fiberglass windows with the smallest carbon footprint.
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Inline Supplies First Passive House in Canada

Vert Design of Ottawa Ontario recently designed and completed the first ever Certified Passive House in Canada. Not only did this project achieve Passive House status but also a LEED Platinum rating. Chris Straka of Vert Design selected Inline Fiberglass’s Tilt and Turn windows with triple glazing.
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Inline Fiberglass Tops Energy Star List

Inline Fiberglass is proud to announce that its windows tops the Energy Star list of fiberglass window category. Of all the fiberglass windows tested in Canada, Inline rated number one. Furthermore Inline also had six of its windows rank in the top ten list.
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Inline to Preview Newest Product at IBS in Orlando

Inline Fiberglass will be launching its newest product in Orlando, January 12 to 15. We will be located in booth W5253 in the Orange County Convention Center.

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Inline Fiberglass chosen as the prime window supplier to the Evergreen Foundation

Inline Fiberglass is honored to have been selected by Diamond & Schmidt Architects as the prime window supplier to the Evergreen Foundation for their showcase multi-level building at the Brickworks Restoration Property.

Construction is now underway by Eastern Construction of Toronto who are fully engaged in the Leed Platinum Projects with the assistance of Dutoit Architect, Halsall Consultants and Trow Engineering.

The contribution being made by the Inline High Efficiency Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Frame; with Heat Mirror glazing by Eco Glass (Toronto) is pure and simple energy conservation. This window system satisfies the requirements of Green Design and its functional long-term durability complements overall thermal efficiency in the building envelope.

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Open House 2009 - November 17-19

In conjuction with the Win-Door Show 2009 , Inline Fiberglass will be holding an Open house on November 17-19. This is an opportunity not only familiarize yourself with our energy efficient products but also tour the fabricating facility of the most innovative fiberglass and door manufacturer. We will offer a free shuttle to and from the Metro Convention Centre. Also, you will have an opportunity to meet with one of our founders, Stanley Rokicki who will be recognized by the CWDMA as one of the "Pioneers of the Industry" for his contribution to the Canadian Window and Door Industry.


Inline Enters Joint Venture in India October 22, 2008

Fiberglass window manufacturer Inline Fiberglass Ltd., has signed an agreement with Zoom Developers of India to create a joint venture to manufacture and distribute fiberglass windows and doors in India. The venture will be based in Mumbai.

Mike Levine, Inline's international sales manager says the deal "underlines our commitment to become a major international player in the fenestration market." The market in India has excellent growth potential with its rapidly growing upper and middle class as well as shifting focus from low cost to quality products, he notes, adding, "This also demonstrates our belief in this new venture to drive growth in new markets. As other companies are closing down factories, Inline with its diversification is experiencing double digit growth this year."

Based in Toronto, Inline not only manufactures fiberglass windows but uses its own pultrusion technology. It has previously set up joint ventures in China.

Zoom, its partner in India is a Mumbai-based private group with interests in energy, engineering and real estate. "As a multi national industrial and manufacturing conglomerate, Zoom Developers dedicates a significant amount of its capital and human resources to ensuring that we are constantly at the forefront of being 'best in class' and differentiated within our selected industries," says Rino Sabatino, president. "And it is to this target that after much technical and quantitative analysis of international fiberglass companies, Zoom decided to partner with Inline Fiberglass Ltd. and to establish a joint venture in both India and in the UAE and Middle East. I was ultimately swayed by the fact that over the last 20 years Inline, has successfully demonstrated its expertise to introduce its technology worldwide as a fully integrated engineering, scientific and manufacturing company."

The joint venture is expected to be up and running by spring of 2009


Open House 2009 - November 17-19

Inline Fiberglass Ltd. is pleased to announce that Alpen Fiberglass Windows have just been recognized by BuildingGreen, Inc. and included in the list of 2007 Top-10 Green Building Products. Alpen Fiberglass Windows use pultruded fiberglass lineals and Window Systems by Inline Fiberglass Ltd. Chicago, IL, November 8, 2007—BuildingGreen, Inc., publisher of the GreenSpec® Directory and Environmental Building News™, today announced the 2007 Top-10 Green Building Products. This sixth annual award, announced at the U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild Conference in Chicago, recognizes the most exciting products drawn from additions to the GreenSpec Directory and coverage in Environmental Building News.

A longtime innovator in the window industry, Alpen Energy Group sets the bar for energy performance with its high-performance fiberglass windows. Alpen uses a combination of suspended low-emissivity (low-e) Heat Mirror films, low-e coatings on glass, low-iron glass to increase visible light transmittance, low-conductivity gas fill (including krypton and xenon), pultruded fiberglass frames insulated in vacuum silica aerogel packets, and low-conductivity glazing spacers to provide 1-3/8"-thick Alpenglass windows with a wide range of properties to meet different needs. Their highest performing windows, which were installed on north-facing walls at the Rocky Mountain Institute in 2007 and will be installed at an Antarctic research station in 2008, have three suspended films (each with low-e coatings on both sides) and provide R-20 center-of-glass insulating value (unit R-value of 10, U-factor 0.10).

The majority of the company’s products are used in projects in which different glazings are used for different wall orientations. Alpen provides windows for both commercial and residential applications.

What makes this products GREEN?
Building components that reduce heating and cooling loads

LEED Credit relevance:
EA Prerequisite 2 — Minimum Energy Performance EA Credit 1 — Optimize Energy Performance

Mentioned in EBN: October 2007
View GreenSpec listing

More information:
Alpen Energy Group, LLC
5400 Spine Rd.
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303-530-1150
Toll-free: 800-882-4466
Fax: 303-530-1753

Inline Fiberglass Ltd.
30 Constellation Court
Toronto, ON M9W 1K1
Phone: 416-679-1171
Toll-free: 866-566-5656
Fax: 416-679-1150


Polyurethane Pultrusion Process – Coming on Strong, Thanks to Innovative Efforts of Inline Fiberglass

TORONTO, Ontario – Inline Fiberglass Ltd. of Toronto, Canada is bringing a breath of fresh air to the window frame manufacturing industry – and opening the door to a variety of new applications in other industries as well. Now, with an exciting new application using polyurethane pultrusion (PU) technology, Inline manufactures window lineals that are vastly superior to their aluminum, wood, and vinyl counterparts.

According to Stanley Rokicki, founder and chief engineer of Inline Fiberglass, conventional pultrusion technology has been around for decades. Inline began to develop fiberglass pultrusion capabilities in 1989, and started manufacturing with polyester resin in 1992. Now, Inline is pioneering the production of window frames using an innovative polyurethane pultrusion process. By pultruding polyurethane resin, Inline can now produce larger, stronger parts, with thinner walls.

To accommodate the new process, Bayer MaterialScience, Inline’s polyurethane supplier, developed Baydur PUL 2500 – the ideal resin for use in pultruded polyurethane applications. "From my perspective, Bayer was the only company with the knowledge, experience, and resources to bring this about," explained Stanley Rokicki.

The polyurethane pultrusion process offers a wide range of benefits, compared with other materials. Unlike extrusion, the PU process allows for a higher concentration of fiberglass, making the end product substantially stronger. When window frame components are made from fiberglass-reinforced pultruded polyurethane, they become eight times stronger than PVC frames. Moreover, they are less brittle, so they won’t crack or splinter, resulting in superior fastening. Another advantage is pultruded polyurethane frames are 40 times less conductive than aluminum, making them much better insulators.

Frames made from pultruded polyurethane have excellent expansion and contraction properties, and can withstand even the most severe weather conditions, from arctic blasts to desert heat and seaside moisture, without corroding. They are esthetically pleasing, giving the end user the choice of either a painted or attractive wood-grain finish. Furthermore, the PU process is environmentally friendly, since it consumes less energy during production and contains no styrene.

"The fact that we now have the capability to produce lighter profiles that are strong enough to be used in large frames, even curtainwall, is extremely exciting for us," notes Inline’s Rokicki. "And they’re cost-effective and environmentally friendly, making this a technology we will continue to rely on."

Pultruded polyurethane lineals offer a unique combination of light weight and exceptional strength, opening up opportunities for use in a variety of applications, from window frames with favorable fire ratings, curtainwall’s pressure plate, and other construction materials to structural I-Beams.

For further information, please contact Inline Fiberglass Ltd. at 1-866-566-5656


MNJIKANING FIRST NATION EARLY EDUCATION CENTER High Performance Fiberglass is Chosen Over More Traditional Aluminum

Inline Fiberglass Ltd. is pleased to announce one of its recently completed commercial installations where Inline windows have been chosen for their unique combination of high performance, commercial design flexibility and versatility in finishing options.

Mnjikaning First Nation Early Childhood Education Center built in Rama, Ontario features Series 400 Storefront framing with Series 325 awning vents, High Performance PPG Solarban 60 sealed units, Inline Custom Silver finish, 90 degree glass to glass glazing and angular shapes.

All windows have been site glazed, and feature safety glass throughout. Fiberglass' excellent paint adhesion enabled Inline to create a complete match to aluminum finish with the high performance benefits of Fiberglass frames.

For further information, please contact:
Larry Bidner, National Sales Manager: Inline Fiberglass Ltd., 416 679 1171
Architect: Teeple Architects Inc.
Builder: BWK Construction


Inline Fiberglass Windows Receive US Department of Energy Recognition in Award Winning Design

Inline Fiberglass is proud to announce that its high-performance windows were recognized for their superior performance in the 2005 Solar Decathlon, a solar-powered home competition primarily sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The event was held in Washington, D.C. and international in focus given the participation of university design teams from Canada and Spain as well as the United States.

The Inline Fiberglass Solar Decathlon project featured distinctive yellow frames, emphasizing the color-design freedom represented by fiberglass. Very low thermal conductivity, dimensional stability under temperature cycling and longevity are also characteristics of Inline Windows.

The Inline Fiberglass Solar Decathlon project featured distinctive yellow frames, emphasizing the color-design freedom represented by fiberglass. Very low thermal conductivity, dimensional stability under temperature cycling and longevity are also characteristics of Inline Windows.

Source: US Department of Energy

The glass for these Decathlon Inline Windows was provided by Alpen, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. It is believed to represent the highest in insulating value ever produced. At an "R-value" of 15 and with the weight of only double glazing, it would take fifteen panes of standard glass to achieve this insulating value. The performance of Alpenglass is achieved through a combination of suspended coated films and krypton gas-filling.

Contact: George Casselman
Additional information:

Note from our valued Dealer:

Please pass along our thanks to all there at Inline who helped make this win possible. Your personal attempts to rush delivery across the Canada/US border were particularly appreciated!

Robert S. Clarke, President
5400 Spine Road
Boulder, CO 80301
303-530-1150 #223 (800-882-4466)
Fax: 303-530-1150 (800-321-1753)
Cell: 303-641-6476


CELTIC MANOR RESORT, UK - A Golfer's Paradise

Arguably the best and certainly newest golfing location and hotel in Europe, the 5 star luxury Celtic Manor Resort in Newport, South Wales, is a magnificent example of sumptuous living created, in part, from the use of modern construction materials.

Ironically, the same carbon fibre technology which creates the best golf clubs today, for their great strength and lightness of weight, is the same fibre reinforced polymer technology used to create all 300 large patio door units throughout this impressive complex. The unique pultrusion process, essential for creating continuous lengths of the rigid thermosetting frame material, was developed in Toronto, by Inline Fiberglass, the World pioneers of this exciting new material.

The Celtic Manor was completed in 1999 and has already been awarded the honour of hosting the Ryder Cup in 2010. According to the current management team, the patio units have been highly successful and are being considered for the next phase of construction.

For further information, please contact:
World-wide sales enquiries: Inline Fiberglass Ltd., 1416 679 1171
Exclusive UK fabricator: Pultec Limited, 044 (0)117 301 2190
For a unique golfing experience: Celtic Manor Resort 044 (0)1633 413000


INLINE's George Casselman

Inline is proud to announce that our own Mr. Window himself "George Casselmen" has been recently honored with the distinguished C.P. LOEWEN AWARD, presented annually by the Canadian Window and Door Association (CWDMA), to an outstanding individual in recognition of their dedication and contribution to the welfare of the Window and Door Industry.

George has been recognized for his life long career involvement towards improving the fenestration industry practices which include the following contributions:

Past Chairman: Canadian Standards Association (CSA), (A440 - Window Standard)
Chairman: Canadian Advisory Committee - International Standards Association (ISO),
(TC-152 - Window Standard)
Member: Harmonization Committee (AAMA, NWDMA, CSA).

To produce an Omnibus Standard - North American Fenestration Standard NAFS-1, covering Windows, Doors and Skylights. Past Director: Canadian Window and Door Manufacturing Association (CWDMA) George is called upon frequently to guest speak to Universities, Industry, Government and Professional Organizations related to the Fenestration Industry.

We at Inline are extremely fortunate to have George as a member of our team and congratulate him on his past and continued accomplishments.


Innovative Retailer Selects Sovereign FG Windows

Mountain Equipment Coop ( , a very innovative retailer of outdoor enthusiast products and sports equipment, is in the process of completing a very unusual building project in Winnipeg, Canada. Prairie Architect has worked closely with the virtual re-construction of an older office building located in a prime location on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. The process is resulting in a re-cycled materials designation of an amazing 90% (one of the highest in North America) according to Center Venture spokesperson Diane Bampton, "This is truly a first in Canada, not just in Winnipeg."

"The projects incorporates some interesting architectural elements," says Peter Paetkau of Prairie Architects, "The silver curved shade on the roof top provides productive shading as well as a very interesting detail. We have also incorporated a roof garden complete with use of grey water for the plants."

Gerry Humphrys, Milestone Projects, is handling the actual construction process. The project has also incorporated a variety of labour pools including under-employed people who live in the area. This is further evidence of MEC's commitment to the community as it affects the environment in people and materials.

Windows form a very key element of the project in terms of aesthetics as well as energy efficiency. Tall, aluminum strip windows in anodized aluminum finish highlight several elevations. The north elevation features a combination of fixed and awning windows complete with a Silver exterior and white interior.

The selection of fiberglass windows from DUXTON Windows & Doors ( is based on several factors including the performance level of the product, the high environmental rating of the window material as well as working with "local suppliers". Technical experts in Canada as well as the United States have recognized insulated fiberglass window frames as the best system available. Furthermore, independent assessments have also found the system to have the lowest environment impact.

The selected window systems will feature the awning / fixed windows complete with AFG Ti-R e/Argon c/w Super Spacer high performance glass. Simulation analysis determined that these insulating glass units would provide the best possible performance from a heat loss as well as heat gain perspective. mixture of finishes will be provided including a Metallic silver for the units which are interspersed with Aluminum strip windows on the Portage Avenue elevation.

"We are honored to be selected for this leading edge project by a firm which clearly lives up to its commitments," says Al Dueck, GM of DUXTON Windows & Doors. "We believe that these opportunities allow us to further refine our approach to advanced building envelopes in window frames as well as high performance glass. We very carefully selected the Inline Fiberglass window system as a base upon which to build our business. The selection of this product by architects and demanding customers gives us further proof that pultruded fiberglass window systems are the way of the future. "

DUXTON Windows & Doors specializes in the fabrication of pultruded fiberglass windows and doors. The firm has most recently doubled production capacity with the addition of equipment, additional hiring of production personnel as well as facility expansion. The firm utilizes pultruded lineals and some completed product to create an innovative range of fenestration solutions. A high percentage of product is being used in commercial and institutional settings (schools, church facilities, restaurants, etc) in a range of finishes (Brick Red, RetroSilver, Deep Muted Green). Additionally, DUXTON creates high performance products with a wide range of glazing offerings from Heat Mirror Super Glass to a full range of Dual and Tripane glass with low e and Super Spacer.


Fine-tuning the office environment - Window coatings can let the sunlight in and still keep the sun's heat out

By Al Dueck and John Hockman Article appeared in Canadian Property Management

Office space has changed significantly in the past 20 years, and glass technology innovators have been doing their best to keep up. With more computers and more people, offices and HVAC systems inevitably feel the heat - literally. That's before the heat gain from sunlight is even taken into consideration.

Solar energy radiates in short wavelengths, and standard clear window glass is fairly transparent to it. Once solar energy gets in and strikes furniture and other objects in a room, the objects heat up and give off long wavelength energy. Even clear glass blocks some of this long wavelength energy, trapping it in the building. Early lowE window coatings were designed to trap even more heat inside a building.

Today, lowE coatings are available that permit even more natural light and heat to be captured and kept in the building. The AFG E2 and the PPG 500 are hard coat low E solar gain products. These trap heat inside the building. More importantly for commercial buildings, which often have to cool parts of the building even during cooler weather, coatings are now available to reduce the entry of the solar energy. Tinted glass has been used for decades to control solar heat gain, but usually with a big reduction in visible light transmittance; and the increased need for electric lighting levels even during daylight hours. The new lowE coatings allow a tremendous amount of sunlight into an office without the associated heat gain problems.

Building designers are able to manipulate a building's internal climate in this manner. For instance, AFG's Ti-R and Ti-AC and PPG's Solban are soft coat low E products, which provide a low solar heat gain coefficients (SHGC). A standard triple-glazed window will allow 60% of the solar energy to come through glass, while these special products can reduce that level to between 30% to 35%. At the same time these new coatings permit over 65% of visible light to enter the building, reducing the need to operate lighting systems, which further reduces the internal heat gain and building operating costs. This type of product is ideal for windows that face a westerly direction. Buildings with large glass areas facing west can become unusable due to the heat of the afternoon sun. Such a structure might have low airflow requirements for heating and much higher airflows required for cooling. This can lead to a difficult balancing act for HVAC designers and building maintenance staff. Selection of a coating product with a low SHGC at the design or retrofit stage can offset this problem.

Determining which type of product to use is the greatest challenge. It isn't as simple as looking at the direction in which a window faces and deciding which coating technology to use.

There are computer simulation programs that help managers select window applications. The Canadian Building's Incentive Program (CBIP) uses EE4, a software program that uses a detailed energy simulation program, US DOE 2 (Department of Energy) to predict energy usage. Using software such as this can aid in the selection of the most appropriate coating for the various windows in a commercial building, leading to large energy savings and improved occupant comfort. It is almost impossible to do that effectively without such a program.

As a final note, many people install window blinds thinking that it will solve their heat gain problems. But blinds still let the heat in through the glass, and once the heat comes through the glass it is in the space - it just takes longer to transfer into the rest of the room. Meanwhile, they block out the visible light. With the right coating, selected carefully, the sunlight comes in without the heat, which can reduce lighting costs as well as cooling costs.