Inline Fiberglass was founded over 25 years ago by a team of dedicated engineers and technicians whose research led to the commercialization of proprietary technology and equipment used to pultrude thin walled lineals in virtually any shape that is consistent over the length of the profile. 

Inline Fiberglass Ltd. is the only fully integrated fiberglass window and door manufacturer in Canada. As a result, we have the distinct advantage of controlling all aspects of design, production and quality. Beginning with the manufacturing of lineals using the pultrusion process, painting, to design and final assembly of windows and doors, our experienced team have gained the industry reputation for producing the best fiberglass windows and doors in the market place. In addition, we have the largest offering of fiberglass window and door types and combinations. 

As marks of Inline’s technical leadership and experience, the company has achieved consistently high glass reinforcement content resulting in superior physical properties of our lineals. Furthermore, Inline’s aggressive research and development program enables the Company to stay at the forefront of the latest technological advances in the composite industry opening up a new world of product opportunities.


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